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Amíe N. Milton

I`ve been interested in sexuality as long as I can remember. At the same time, I was educated to be ashamed and hide body parts, fearing the consequences of freely expressing myself. The Vulva is a special theme for me. I want to celebrate womanhood, intimacy in a primal, natural way.

Celebrating the soft and intimate part of women, misunderstood for centuries and hidden as long. It`s time to acknowledge, to talk about it, to feel confident and natural about it. For me, this is not about a movement (feminist or democratic, or any other).

For me, this is about being aware, knowing what is natural to a woman, to mankind. Being a woman without that part fully acknowledged is like being a car without a crucial part, a vase without a flower. Yes, we can function, but we are not whole without acknowledging this part of ourselves.

I am not a revolutionary or feminist, or any kind of “warrior”. I like the simplicity of the “product” we so elaborately designed. I am focusing on the naturalness, breaking it down to its simplest expression in order to familiarise myself and hopefully a wider audience with it again.

There is no need for elaborate words or descriptions, it is what it is and I am inviting all our parts from exile. It comes down to the natural basics we banned. I imagine you see The Vulva (sculpture) exhibited and you have to stop to acknowledge that it is what you think it is and then think about it further, hopefully, talk about it with yourself, with someone else, with a lot of others and then I imagine you come out of it with a new perspective and familiarity that allows you to express yourself in a more open and tolerant way, perhaps you start your own journey towards (sexual) freedom right then and there.

​You`ll get used to the word Vulva. It may sound strange at first. I compare it with the German language; it can sound hard and unappealing, but then you watch “The Sky over Berlin” and it sounds poetic. You can choose for yourself what it will sound and feel for you.

Centuries of misconceptions, shame, fear, secrets, abandonment to the point of “earasement” – non-existing in the eye of society and consequently ignored by most individuals to the point of killing it (figuratively and otherwise), has brought us to this point of awakening.

​A woman who knows herself, her power, her body, her body functions, her authentic nature, is dangerous and should be “crucified”, banned. At least part of her should be “put in the right place”. Into darkness that is. This kind of thinking is ignorant and it should make you stop and reexamine your own way of thinking about it.

​I want to say "Viva la Vulva", and resurrect her from the land of sleep.
2010 Media Nox Gallery, Psiha Psihica, Maribor

2010 E2rd Gallery, Hanami, Maribor

2019 Erotic Art Exhibition, London, OXO Tower
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